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Prints on Metal:


All metal prints are made to order. All metal prints come with a pre-installed wood inset frame. Metal prints may be ordered without the inset frame. Metal prints up 16x16" in size are made by me personally and printed by dye sublimation process on to Chromaluxe HD Aluminum Panels.


"Sublimation printing utilizes heat and pressure to transfer images directly into the surface of an object, bonding images to the substrate at the molecular level. Armed with decades of engineering experience and manufacturing prowess, ChromaLuxe developed a proprietary polymer-based coating that ensures that each of our panels is protected from harmful UV rays and scratches so that art remains vibrant and vivid."


"Skillfully engineered and manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky, by a dedicated team of industry experts, ChromaLuxe represents the finest in American craftsmanship and quality. Since all raw materials for our substrates are sourced and produced in the United States, you can rest assured that each and every ChromaLuxe panel meets exacting standards. We will never use cheap alternatives or substandard materials, ensuring that prints made with ChromaLuxe are the best the industry has to offer."


20X20" and larger prints are produced by a professional lab, please allow 5 to 7 days additional time for these pieces to ship. 36" X 36" and 48" X 48"  require shipment via Freight Carrier . Please contact me for more information.


Prints on Paper

Introducing Michael J. Murray's 360 Spherescapes: Capturing Infinite Beauty

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Michael J. Murray's 360 Spherescapes, where art transcends boundaries and transports you to realms of infinite beauty. Now, experience these breathtaking creations in a new dimension with our fine art prints on Canson Satin 270 paper, meticulously brought to life using a high-end Canon large format inkjet printer.

Unveiling the Extraordinary: Murray's 360 Spherescapes are a testament to the artist's unique ability to blend imagination with technical mastery. Each piece is a visual journey, inviting you to explore the expanses of a spherical canvas filled with intricate details and vibrant colors. Now, this extraordinary collection is presented in the form of fine art prints that capture the essence of Murray's vision with unparalleled precision.

A Symphony of Color on Canson Satin 270: Our commitment to preserving the integrity of Murray's original works led us to select Canson Satin 270 paper as the canvas for these prints. The luxurious texture of this archival-quality paper enhances the depth and richness of each Spherescape, while the Canon large format inkjet printer ensures that every hue is faithfully reproduced. The result is a symphony of color that breathes life into each print, inviting you to immerse yourself in the artist's world.

Precision Redefined: The marriage of Murray's artistic brilliance with the cutting-edge technology of the Canon large format inkjet printer is a testament to precision redefined. Every curve, every gradient, and every intricate detail is faithfully reproduced, capturing the nuance and subtlety of the original Spherescapes. This level of precision ensures that each print is a true reflection of Murray's artistic intent.

Explore the Infinite: Step into the realm of infinite beauty as you explore our online gallery showcasing Michael J. Murray's 360 Spherescapes in the form of fine art prints on Canson Satin 270 paper. Whether you are an avid art collector or a newcomer to Murray's work, these prints promise an immersive experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Indulge in the timeless allure of Michael J. Murray's 360 Spherescapes—where artistry, technology, and infinite beauty converge.